Find The Voice

I have been rightly told by some who listen to my Sunday messages that I really only have one thing to say, but say it in different ways and contexts every Sunday I speak. Rather than offend, this encourages me. It confirms to me that I’ve found the voice God has given me and a consistent central vision for the church I lead.

The simple point of my message is this:

We need to hear God as the primary voice in our lives.

Everything else I say is about how to hear and respond to God.

There are many voices speaking to us about who we are, what we are worth, and the things we want and need. To become truly free as God created us we must focus on the one voice that is the measure of all – God’s.

Amidst this noisy world, from His Absolute Word all can be measured, weighed, understood and then, acted upon.

About pastorjoehite

Senior Pastor of Valley Fellowship of Yakima
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