Social {Media} Butterflies

life, love, and the pursuit of Jesus.

I’m a social butterfly.

Like, I really love people.

People watching, meeting new friends, connecting and reconnecting with people I hold dear, hearing stories, laughing at life, and creating adventure, simply put, my life is deeply enriched when it’s surrounded by others.

My mother says I’ve been like this sense I was an infant. I’ve always enjoyed being the life of the party, telling stories and making others laugh. I’m a firm believer that life should be shared well with others (and that it should also be documented well through pictures). But recently, I’ve found myself asking,

Am I missing out on life because I’m spending too much time staring at my iPhone?

My phone serves as filler in the spaces of silence, downtime and awkwardness. I find myself, often out of habit, opening and “connecting” with people on social media, rather than intentionally reaching out in real life. In…

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Senior Pastor of Valley Fellowship of Yakima
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