The Zombies Really Are After You!

I’m not really a zombie guy. I don’t literally believe in them. I don’t enjoy the games, TV shows and movies about them; but I do believe they are a good illustration for many people’s current life relationships. I’m talking about marriages, friendships, families and jobs. The living dead are walking around performing, involved with people without heart, life or real relationships.

It seems that at every front a zombie principle is trying to work itself into the core of our relational lives. All of us are impacted by it. Many are overwhelmed, living their lives in a meaningless daze looking for short-term fixes to their pain. Many more move from experience to experience for satisfaction, wasting their lives and negatively impacting those closest to them while becoming more zombie-like; alive, but dead.

But there is hope. A true way that has been proven throughout generations and is there by grace for us to discover and live. This way brings real relational life, saving us from the zombie culture around. Relational life and freedom is found in God-focused truth and blessing. Grace opens the door to this relational restoration and hope.

The upcoming Sunday message series from Ephesians 5 & 6, Happy Homes: Being Relationally Real in a Zombie World, focuses on God-designed biblical truths that bring heart and life back to the living dead relationships. These truths will protect your lives and families from the ever-increasing, life-robbing (but often unnoticed) values of our self-centered zombie culture.

Join in the discussion at Valley Life on Sunday mornings live or on Ustream, starting April 14, and follow up in mid-week Small Groups. All Sunday messages will be recorded and available on the Valley Life Web Page and on our iTunes Podcasts.

Don’t let the zombie world around you turn you into the living relational dead. Spend the spring discovering how to be Relationally Real in a Zombie World.


About pastorjoehite

Senior Pastor of Valley Fellowship of Yakima
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