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Not Enough

Not-enough-ism is a scourge of the psyche that can paralyze you with worry. Sanders, Tim (2011-03-29). Today We Are Rich (p. 141). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition.

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Originally posted on life, love, and the pursuit of Jesus.:
Read this blog post by Jon Acuff this evening.  Totally hilarious. Thought I’d share… One of our favorite things to do as Christians is to assume that Paul’s thorn in…

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Ok, Maybe I Do Want To Be A Carrot. . .

(See Post “I Want To Be A Cupcake”)

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The Wonder Drug

Financial difficulties, overwork, relationship issues, and personal tragedies can produce emotional wear and tear. Resulting stress, worry, resentment, anger, and sorrow can wear down your emotional resistance and cause your confidence to crumble. For these maladies, I prescribe the exercise … Continue reading

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I Want To Be A Cupcake

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Hope, Politics, and How I Voted

While observing political ads this week I have struggled with both sides of the political aisles. Amidst the marketing, hyperbole, and the true complexity of real issues it’s challenging to know how to vote. Not that I believe any person … Continue reading

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