Hope, Politics, and How I Voted

While observing political ads this week I have struggled with both sides of the political aisles. Amidst the marketing, hyperbole, and the true complexity of real issues it’s challenging to know how to vote.

Not that I believe any person or political party can really save us, but I want to be responsible as a citizen of the United States. The saving perspective that gives me hope in this bigger-than-me-responsibility is the even larger picture–that I am a citizen of God’s overarching government. For me, this understanding has become the framework for hopeful and responsible voting. That is to pray, hear God and represent Him above my own pursuits in the political options and actions; to lean beyond my own understanding toward the central strengths of God’s Kingdom.

In a season of political extremes–from hoping to boasting, it is important to remember that true cultural, national and personal blessing and change happens when we entertain the presence of God. Then respond to him, even in our voting. That is our greatest and only lasting hope.

If we’re Christians, let’s work hard to do the right thing as citizens of both an earthly nation and a heavenly kingdom. Remember that God, not man, is the center of all. Then, do our best to respect those who differ from us even if it seems they are not worthy of it.

About pastorjoehite

Senior Pastor of Valley Fellowship of Yakima
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