God Stories

I recently spoke from Matthew 2 about how we have been designed for a God-sized, God-filled and God-purposed life in order to play a critical role in God’s divine story. I compared the desire and willingness of the Wise Men to be join God’s story to King Herod’s attempt to stop God’s story from impacting his life. Herod wanted to control God in his world. The long and short of it is that the Wise Men’s lives were radically changed and blessed and King Herod’s ended badly, causing tragedy and misery for himself and many others.

The major ideas of the message were that:

1) God brings us as outsiders, into his story; it is not an option to bring him into ours. In doing so, he graciously includes us in a story far greater than is possible to create ourselves.

2) We are designed by God in every way to play a significant role in this story. However, participation requires an intentionality in focus or the distractions and temptations to become part of the lesser stories our culture offers will undermine our desire to participate.

I gave several examples of how easily we can be distracted from pursuing our rightful role in God’s story by being drawn into a smaller story through temporary satisfaction. I even suggested that in our fallen state, our created abilities spiritually and emotionally make us vulnerable to temptations and even satanic seduction leading us into damaging involvement in counterfeit stories. Satan’s goals are to keep us from knowing fulfillment in our relational God story and to destroy us, the highest of God’s creation. Part of our rightful role consists of defeating Satan; you can see why he’d want to divert us.

Along with this, I listed several specific and general distractions capable of becoming dangerous counterfeits or even bondages.  Some are obvious, like pornography. Others, like various aspects of modern media, gaming and storytelling, TV, music, video games and supernatural movies which pit good verses evil, are more difficult to discern.

The point was to not write a new law code concerning how to please God, but to encourage us to LIVE for what we were designed. To do this we must pursue God together, hear Him through the wisdom of others and walk it out in obedience to him. To settle for less is to think less highly of God than he is worthy of, and of ourselves differently than God thinks of us.

Our heart was created for something only he understands.  We can try and try, but will never fulfill our own desires. We are incapable of it. He will do it beyond our ability to conceive or dream; but NOT beyond our ability to live.

Yes, we are wired, designed by God for a God sized, God filled, God purposed life. Be careful to not be satisfied with anything else. We have to choose how we engage — or keep from engaging. The more alternative involvement we have, the less involvement in the very REAL adventure we will have.

My experience tells me that we don’t need more law, we need more pursuit of God and the chance of discovering who he is, what his story is about and our role in that story. We can’t afford to be distracted.


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Senior Pastor of Valley Fellowship of Yakima
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