Weird Music & God

Lately, I have been listening to music that would be considered rather weird by most of my friends.  One CD is called “The Goat Rodeo Sessions:, by Cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.  My kids already tease me about listening to Yo-Yo.  I would call his music classical, and I really like it.  But, what I like best about him is that he doesn’t limit himself to the same style of music or musicians.

An example is this CD.  In “The Goat Rodeo Sessions”, Yo-Yo is joined by a group of what I would call Appalachian Folk musicians.  It’s Yo-Yo pushing the envelope, expanding into a larger scope of creativity and talent.

Over time, we develop an imagination about God’s identity that is neither true nor Bibical.  We limit, dismiss or try to make him fit our ideas of how life should be and how he should fit into it.

But, listening to Yo-Yo reminds me that there is more than what I can see or hear in just one sitting.  Neither my imagination nor past experiences can accurately define God.  Discovering God is a long pursuit with no completion in this life-time.

About pastorjoehite

Senior Pastor of Valley Fellowship of Yakima
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