How’s Your Parenting?

This past weekend (September 9-11, 2011) we had the privilege of hosting the Hite family’s long time friend, Dr. Yvonne Swinth, at Valley Fellowship. Yvonne, a professor at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, is a rich resource, both academically and practically (as a mom of two girls), to parents.

In today’s western world, most people’s parenting seems to develop around one, or a combination of these three philosophies:

1) managing our children— The successful parent’s children grow into happy, successful people with little inconvenience to them as individuals.

2) indulging our children—The successful parent provides his children with as much of the material culture as is in his/her power to provide.

3) children are peripheral to the parent’s desires—The successful parent is enlarged by his/her children and is able to train each child to live successfully by enriching the parent’s life..

It is easy to lose sight of true biblical perspective and balance among the noise and commotion surrounding us. That’s why it is so important to hear voices like Yvonne’s.

Dr. Swinth supports the biblical perspective that parenting is a distinct privilege that focuses on developing the call of God within the unique character and personality of each child given to us. They are His children first; parenting well requires that we seek Him on a consistent basis and then live out His viewpoint.

You may access the weekend’s parenting sessions and message by Yvonne by visiting the Valley Fellowship Website. The website also contains links to books and resources she recommends.

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